Over the years our Belters reputation has been built on leading the way when it comes to weight, build quality, handling and ease of maintenance. In this, it’s 5th generation, we once more push how far we can take the performance of a 16″ bike while still keeping it as a great every day all-rounder.

The inspiration is to handle the newfound capability of young riders and the greater access there is to fabulous places to ride. The tweaked geometry of our lightweight all aluminium frame has added to the performance, the new Ritchey finishing kit and the Schwalbe Black Jack tyres have given more control and better ride quality. The bomb proof 4 bearing cassette hub taken from our Works 24 gives immediate pick up and zero deflection of the bearings under load.

Some might argue overkill, but this is all about greater control in all conditions – which is why for the Works model we’ve added the awesome TRP Spyre disc brakes. More braking power for more testing terrain and more testing weather conditions but, as the best mechanical brake around, still with that all important always ready to ride, maintenance free quality that makes the Belter just as valuable off the trails as on them.

** PLEASE NOTE: Incoming stock has been delayed at port due to ongoing storms. Delivery due 1st April **




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